Founded as the Co-operative League in 1919 by the progressive business leader Edward Filene, and later renamed to the Twentieth Century Fund, TCF is one of the oldest public policy research institutes in the country. As we left behind the twentieth century, we entered into the early 2000s with the same mission but a new name: The Century Foundation.

Over our long history, we have been at the forefront of positive change in some of the most critical areas of domestic and foreign policy. Today, TCF continues this legacy by researching issues that range from pursuing fairness and opportunity in education; protecting workers and further strengthening the social safety net; encouraging democracy and ensuring personal rights in the tech age; and promoting stability and prosperity abroad.

Our experts come from academia, journalism, and public service—all with a shared commitment to advancing progressive ideas that benefit the public good. Through our evidence-based research and policy analysis, we seek to inform citizens, guide policymakers, and reshape what government does for the better.

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Learn more about our work over the last century and how it continues to shape our efforts today by visiting our TCF archives site.