Six decades after Brown v. Board of Education, the promise of equal education for all remains elusive. The Bridges Collaborative—a new, first-of-its-kind school integration initiative powered by The Century Foundation—aims to change that.

Despite overwhelming evidence that integrated schools are better for all students, far too many American children still attend schools apart from their peers of different social, economic, and racial backgrounds. More than one-third of students attend schools with student bodies that are almost entirely white or nonwhite, and the federal government has failed to take an active role in promoting integration. Since the 1950s, progress has stalled and, in some cases, reversed.

The Bridges Collaborative is overcoming these barriers by reigniting a nationwide movement for integrated schools and diverse neighborhoods, serving as a hub for practitioners from across the country. The 2020 cohort of the Bridges Collaborative includes the leaders of 27 school districts, 17 charter schools and CMOs, and 13 housing organizations, providing them the space and opportunity to learn from one another, build grassroots political support, and develop successful strategies for integration. This national cohort of 57 organizations is kicking off their two-year experience at an inaugural national convening, “Reigniting the Movement for Integration,” on October 15th and 16th, 2020.

Bridges Collaborative Student Contest

The Bridges Collaborative is announcing a student contest with cash prizes ranging from $50 to $575 and the opportunity for winners to share their ideas with a network of leaders and policymakers! Students should submit a creative project of their choosing (such as a written, audio, video or other media presentation) that explores the topic of segregation in the community where they live; this may include racial, economic, housing, or school segregation, or the intersection of any of these.

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The Bridges Collaborative is an initiative of The Century Foundation, a progressive, independent think tank that conducts research, develops solutions, and drives policy change to make people’s lives better. 

Vision: An America where every child has the opportunity to attend a school that is diverse, integrated, rigorous and inclusive.

Mission: To dramatically increase the number of students attending diverse, integrated, rigorous and inclusive schools by: fostering authentic collaboration among school and housing partners pursuing integration, providing strategic support to practitioners using research and policy, and influencing the national dialogue on school integration.

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    • Diversity and Integration Efforts in Education and Housing with John B. King, Jr., from October 15, 2020:
    • The Digital Divide and School Segregation: Holistic Advocacy in K-12 Schools, from October 16, 2020:
  • View a recording of the Bridges Collaborative informational webinar below.

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