The Century Foundation President Mark Zuckerman issued the following statement following the passing of preeminent businessman and philanthropist Bernard L. Schwartz:

“The Century Foundation today mourns the passing of Bernard L. Schwartz, one of the most accomplished businessmen of the past century and a tireless advocate for progressive causes, even into his late 90s. Throughout his life, Bernard wasn’t just a selfless donor to countless politicians, advocacy groups, and think tanks like The Century Foundation; he became a key thought partner with us, shaping the direction of economic policy for the benefit of working people and communities left behind.

“A steadfast capitalist throughout his life, Bernard knew better than anyone that free markets aren’t always fair, and that a strong, active government was critical to level the playing field. His Rediscovering Government Initiative at TCF, led by Jeff Madrick, aimed to do just that: to transform the role of government in the economy through greater investment in workers, families, industry, and the social safety net. His leadership helped lay the groundwork for the expansion of the Child Tax Credit and the revitalization of manufacturing, among many other accomplishments.

“It was an honor to call Bernard a friend, colleague, and trusted advisor. His life’s work is a testament to the power of government and serves as an inspiration to us all. The Century Foundation, our staff, and our Trustees honor his memory and send our condolences to Bernard’s many friends and family.”


Photo source: Bridget Badore, The Century Foundation’s 100th Anniversary Gala, 2019.