On his website, TCF fellow Thanassis Cambanis recently wrote an article entitled, “Regional realignment with Hezbollah, Assad & Iran?” prompted by the assassination of a Hezbollah official in Beirut yesterday. Cambanis outlines ways in which we can spot real change after Iran's nuclear deal.

What should we look for as signals of a coming, substantive change?

  • Rhetoric from Hassan Nasrallah that opens the door to a frigid détente with the US on some issues.
  • Continuing restraint by Hezbollah in its response to attacks and assassinations.
  • Agreements or accords that result from the vigorous outreach by Iran’s foreign minister to the leaders of the Arab countries in the Gulf.
  • Offers, even totally rhetorical ones, from Assad to cooperate with the US against the jihadi groups in Syria. 

Read more at Thanassis Cambanis' blog.