The Century Foundation has joined two dozen organizations in pledging resources to the goal of advancing equity through research on women and girls of color. Together with twenty-four institutions that include colleges, universities, research organizations, publishers, and public interest organizations — known collectively as the Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research — TCF will fulfill its commitment over the course of the next five years.

The initiative’s announcement came Friday morning at a summit in Washington co-hosted by the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University. The event, convened with the mission of establishing a research agenda for the next decade specific to women and girls of color, brought together key stakeholders from the academic, private, government and philanthropic sectors that have demonstrated a commitment to increasing opportunity and empowerment for this historically underserved group.

“Without that foundation of research, we can’t know how to make meaningful interventions in the lives of women and girls of color in a way that ensures we are advancing equity,” said TCF trustee and director of the Anna Julia Cooper Center Melissa Harris-Perry at the summit.

“In recent years, on indicators ranging from educational attainment to economic security to health and well-being, women and girls of color have made tremendous progress,” read a White House progress report released on Friday to mark the occasion, “Yet, these achievements may obscure the very real challenges and disparities that persist for women and girls of color.” Women and girls of color still face high rates of school suspension, poverty, serious health conditions, and domestic violence.

Over the course of the next half decade, the Collaborative will work to address the barriers and disparities facing women and girls of color and fill in those gaps that currently exist in research and data on this group of women and girls. Focusing on issues to include education, economic security, health, and violence, these efforts will seek to expand existing knowledge in a way that can promote the future success of women and girls of color at school, work, and in the community.

“The Century Foundation is proud to add its name to the distinguished list of collaborators on this initiative,” said TCF president Mark Zuckerman. “We are excited to dedicate $250,000 in resources over the next five years to not only contribute meaningful insights into the challenges currently facing America’s women and girls of color, but also push for policies that will help these future daughters, mothers, and leaders to achieve their full potential.”

Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research Member Institutions
American Association of University Women
Auburn Theological Seminary
Beacon Press
Bennett College
Black Youth Project of the University of Chicago
Brown University
Center for American Women and Politics of Rutgers University
Center for Medicine, Health, and Society at Vanderbilt University
Columbia University
Duke University
Howard University School of Divinity
National Center for Civil and Human Rights
New York University, College of Global Public Health
North Carolina State University
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
The Century Foundation
The Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University
The Nation
Tufts University
University of Connecticut
University of Pittsburgh
University of Virginia
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Wake Forest University