Century International is The Century Foundation’s Center for International Research and Policy. The center extends our historical commitment to international peace and security into TCF’s second century. We are independent, critical, and progressive.

Century International produces original research that focuses on the human impact of global policy. We are critical, independent, and committed to investigating problems beyond the latest news cycle.

Century International cultivates a unique network of policy researchers with deep ties to the societies they study. We draw together scholars, activists, and other experts to produce original ethnographic reporting that shapes policy decisions. We fill the gap between the traditional work of government analysts, policy researchers, and journalists. We believe that constant testing of received wisdom leads to better policy analysis and prescriptions.

Century International is independent, autonomous, and critical. We research deeply on the ground, and engage with scholars and decision-makers. Our work provides a bracing corrective to policy prescriptions based on false narratives. We promote progressive, internationalist, humanist policies rooted in the granular reality of affected states and communities.

TCF Launches Century International

The Century Foundation announces the formation of Century International, the think tank’s new independent center for international research and policy. Led by director Thanassis Cambanis, Century International builds on TCF’s longstanding commitment to conducting foreign policy research and analysis, and reflects the work in recent years by TCF’s foreign policy team to develop a world class, highly-respected international affairs program.

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Reviving the Quest for Universal Rights

Pluralism and rights are under threat across the world from communal violence, authoritarianism, and religious identity politics. How is the Middle East attempting to create more inclusive rights and citizenship?

“Citizenship and Its Discontents” aims to produce original ideas and shift the policy debate about the future of religious and non-religious minorities.

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Nature and National Security in the Middle East

Today’s environmental and climate change concerns in the Middle East will manifest as tomorrow’s crises in other regions as well, as decades of human-driven climate change and environmental degradation exert their impact all over the world. "Nature and National Security in the Middle East,” with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, aims to show why and how policy makers should incorporate the environment and climate change into all their work.

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