At 10:30 pm
, 250 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States

How Can We Make Higher Education More Inclusive?

Last fall, a group of African-American UCLA students produced a video about the depressingly low number of black undergraduates on campus that went viral. The video reignited a longstanding debate over whether American universities are still the engines of social mobility we imagine them to be.  Public universities in states that have banned affirmative action...

At 2:30 pm
, Wolfson Campus Chapman Conference Center, 300 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL, 33132, United States

The Next America: Making Community Colleges Work

TCF senior fellow Richard Kahlenberg joins with Marco Rubio, Davis Jenkins, Jim Murdaugh, and Eduardo Padr´n and moderators Ronald Brownstein and Mariana Atencio for a lively discussion of the role of community colleges in the post-secondary education landscape. The event, hosted by the National Journal will examine “how community colleges are preparing its students for...