TCF fellow Michael Cohen joins other panelists to discuss foreign policy after the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The American Conservative with The American Prospect and the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies will host the event in Washington, D.C. 

After more than a decade of the War on Terror, a broad new foreign policy consensus is emerging that favors prudence, diplomacy, and the rule of law. The New Internationalism conference will build on this framework, addressing concrete ways for the U.S. to maintain stability without war, reform the national security state, and negotiate shifting political and economic realities.

Participants include:

Daniel Larison, The American Conservative
Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic
Daniel Drezner, Washington Post and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Barry R. Posen, MIT Security Studies Program
Matt Duss, Center for American Progress and The American Prospect
Marcy Wheeler, Emptywheel
Robert W. Merry, The National Interest
John B. Judis, The New Republic
Charles Glaser, George Washington University Institute for Security and Conflict Studies
Adam Serwer,
William Lind, The American Conservative
Michael Cohen, Century Foundation
Christopher Preble, Cato Institute

Breakfast and refreshments provided. Please register to secure a spot! 

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