The United States and Israel are currently at a crossroads. While President Obama has voiced his support for a two-state solution in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his right-wing allies have made it increasingly apparent that they are preparing for a one-state future. However, a new report produced by TCF fellow Michael Cohen and Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, has found that Israeli voters are actually more in-line with U.S. interests in the area than they are with those held by the Netanyahu regime.

Some key findings that Cohen and Duss found in their polling of Israeli voters include the following:

  • Israelis overwhelmingly believe that their country depends on U.S. support
  • Fifty percent believe there is a growing crisis in the U.S.-Israel relationship
  • Approximately two-thirds say that improving the bilateral relationship will play a role in how they vote

A plurality agrees that another term as Prime Minister for Netanyahu will see a further deterioration in relations, and that center-left parties are more likely to improve the situation

Read the full report here. Cohen and Duss also recently authored an op-ed on their findings entitled “How to Talk to Israeli Voters” that appeared in the New York Times, linked to here.