On May 23, The Century Foundation will release the findings and recommendations of its Community College Task Force.

Our 22-member task force has exhaustively combed through the latest and best research on higher education to address whether we should rethink the basic ways in which our nation’s two-year colleges are financed and governed.

Now we want to know how community college changed your life.

Tell us about your experiences in community college. Did it prepare you transfer to a four-year institution? Land you a good job? Allow you to get an education while holding down a job or raising a family?

Or did it not work out for you? If things didn’t go as planned, what could community colleges do better? And what should policymakers do to strengthen community colleges?

Send us the story of your community college experience. Use whatever format you’d like: record a video, write a blog post, or draw us a picture. Whichever you choose, send it to [email protected]. We’ll print the best ones here at Blog of the Century.