Join our panelists as they discuss the programmatic structures of high-quality dual-language programming. They will discuss the leadership team, how to articulate a vision and mission aligned with all policies and practices, equitable enrollment, how to hire and equip competent bilingual educators, important policies to include in the program handout, and much more. 

Dual language immersion (DLI) refers to an educational model in which children receive part of their instruction in English and the other part in a partner language (e.g., Spanish). There is a robust body of research supporting DLI programming as the gold standard for children who are emergent bilinguals. Children who are emergent bilinguals with access to high-quality DLI programming in the early years have more advanced bilingual fluency, learn English faster, and have better academic gains in later grades. Yet, only 8% of children who are emergent bilinguals between K-12 have access to DLI programming, creating a major gap between research and practice, as well as persisting educational inequities. 

The Children’s Equity Project and The Century Foundation are co-hosting a series of virtual webinars to take deep dives into its recent reports on emergent bilinguals’ access to DLI programs and on how to operationalize high-quality DLI programming for emergent bilinguals in early care and education, specifically infants/toddlers, preschoolers, and students in K-2nd grade. Federal, state, and local education leaders, teachers, and bilingual research experts will serve as panelists.