This podcast is part of an ongoing TCF series that explores progressive policy proposals for America’s most pressing international priorities.

On this podcast, we learn about the shifting views of Israelis and Palestinians, and the different visions of the future that they are considering in addition to the two states envisioned in the Oslo Accords—including confederation, a single state, annexation, and indefinite occupation. 

Politics in Israel–Palestine can seem unpredictable, but some long-term trends are clear. The Israeli electorate has moved decisively to the right, and support for a “two-state solution” has fallen to historic lows among both Palestinians and Israelis.

What are the possibilities for the United States to affect Israeli policies on settlements and annexation of occupied territory? 

Participants include:

  • Dahlia Scheindlin, political scientist and fellow, The Century Foundation
  • Thanassis Cambanis, senior fellow, The Century Foundation
  • Michael Wahid Hanna, senior fellow, The Century Foundation