This has been a busy week for The Century Foundation’s education team. 

  • On Tuesday, TCF and the Lumina Foundation released a new volume, entitled The Future of Affirmative Action. You can read the introduction (by TCF senior fellow Richard D. Kahlenberg) online. The entire volume is available for reading online, or for download and printing.
  • Also on Tuesday, TCF and Lumina jointly sponsored a launch event in Washington, D.C. If you missed the event in person, don't worry: You can watch the full video online at Lumina’s website.
  • The New York Times’ David Leonhardt covered some higlights from the volume in his piece, “If Affirmative Action Is Doomed, What”s Next?
  • Richard Kahlenberg also wrote a piece for The Chronicle of Higher Education summarizing one of the volume’s chapters featuring new research from Tony Carnevale, Stephen Rose, and Jeff Strohl. Read “What Sotomayor Gets Wrong About Affirmative Action.”
  • Inside Higher Ed also covered research from the book and discussion from Tuesday’s event in a piece entitled, “Race-Blind Affirmative Action?