The Century Foundation (TCF) President Mark Zuckerman issued the following statement in response to the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

“TCF mourns the passing of Justice Ginsberg, whose death is a profound loss for the nation. Long before ascending to our highest court, Justice Ginsberg was a tireless advocate for equal rights—a champion for gender equality, at a time when discrimination against women was rampant and legal protections were scant. Through her brilliant legal strategy and unrelenting persistence, Justice Ginsberg successfully made the case that discrimination on the basis of sex is both wrong and unlawful, forever changing the course of history.

“As a Supreme Court Justice, only the second woman ever to serve on the court, Justice Ginsberg was an indomitable force for justice and equality. On issue after issue, she defended the rights and dignity of all people, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized among us. Justice Ginsberg knew, perhaps better than anyone, that the law was a tool for good—often the last recourse for people whose rights had long been denied.

“Justice Ginsberg sits among the giants of American history. She will be revered for ages, not only for her immense legal impact and intellect, but for her impact on all of us. As she once said, ‘Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.’ Justice Ginsberg inspired a generation to advance the causes to which she devoted her life. Let us honor her legacy by continuing her fight for justice, dignity, and equal rights under the law. May she rest in peace.”