On Sunday, former Century Foundation (TCF) trustee, elected official, businessman and lawyer Richard Ravitch passed away at the age of 89. In response to the news of his passing, TCF President and friend to Ravitch, Mark Zuckerman, and TCF Chairman Bradley Abelow said the following:

“All of us at The Century Foundation mourn the loss of our good friend and valued former Trustee, Dick Ravitch. Our thoughts are with his wife Kathy, his sons Joseph and Michael, and his many dear friends and family all across New York.

“Lieutenant Governor Ravitch served on the Board of Trustees at The Century Foundation for more than 25 years, providing invaluable guidance to Century with his trademark grace and diligence.

“Dick’s life passion was to improve civic life, and he used his considerable experience and intellect to help the government work better and deliver for the people of New York. From reforming the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to helping intervene in the city’s various financial crises, to serving as Lt. Governor, Dick helped tackle some of New York’s biggest governing challenges.

“Dick was always deeply optimistic about the government’s ability to solve the nation’s biggest policy challenges, by doing the hard work of studying the problem, building consensus, and engineering policy solutions that improve people’s lives. We honor that optimism today in remembering our dear colleague and friend, Dick Ravitch.”