On Monday, June 23, 2023, The Century Foundation announced a grant through the Joyce Foundation to study racial equity in college admissions. This month, it is widely expected that the Supreme Court will strike down race-conscious affirmative action at both public and private colleges, leaving the future of diversity at selective colleges in flux. Experts at The Century Foundation, through funding from the Joyce Foundation, will be studying policy solutions at the university and government level to preserve and expand diversity in higher education.

“Most Americans agree that diversity is a strength—a principle that the Supreme Court has affirmed for decades,” said Denise Smith, a senior fellow at The Century Foundation. “Now, an extreme Supreme Court is threatening to upend generations of precedent and potentially cut off access to educational and economic opportunities for Black and brown families. Still, we remain committed to ensuring that diversity in our schools and our workforce continues to be a source of prosperity for every family in every community.”

“The Century Foundation share the goals of closing attainment gaps and empowering underserved groups through access to postsecondary opportunities,” said Peter Granville, a fellow at The Century Foundation. “In this moment of upheaval in higher education, we are excited to put forward a positive vision for what the high education system in America could look like and how it can better serve communities of color.”

The Century Foundation will publish a research report that gives recommendations to selective colleges and universities, as well as government agencies and legislatures where relevant, on how to promote diversity in recruitment and admissions in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decisions.