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Pakistan, Afghanistan Should Work Against Anti-state Elements

The Century Foundation launched its report, Wake Up, Pakistan, this week in Islamabad. Speakers at the event included Ambassador Thomas Pickering, Pakistan's former foreign secretary Riaz Khokhar, Ambassador Ann Wilkens, Ambassador Cameron Munter, and other prominent officials and journalists.

The United States and the international community should use diplomatic, intelligence and military channels to ensure Pakistan and Afghanistan never supported anti-state actors against each other.

This was recommended in a report, “Wake up Pakistan” prepared by the Country Foundation International Working Group on Pakistan. The launching ceremony of the report was organised by the Centre for Research and Security Studies at a local restaurant on Tuesday.

Read more on the event in Dawn.

Tags: report, pakistan, afghanistan

Put Climate Change on the Agenda for India-Pakistan Relations

May 20, 2015 BY: Neil Bhatiya TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change

As instances of extreme weather continue to increase in frequency in South Asia, the need for cooperation against the threat of climate change has become more and more apparent. TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya discusses the need for India and Pakistan to work together on climate change before it's too late.

Unlike the other transnational challenges including terrorism and nuclear proliferation that have plagued the region for decades, the increasing threat from climate change cannot be deterred through alliances with larger states or more military spending. More importantly, whatever steps the nations in the region take on their own to address this growing challenge are likely to be insufficient: if they want to make progress against the impact of climate change, they must learn to work together.

Bhatiya's article can be found at FP.

Tags: pakistan, international relations, international cooperation, india, climate change

The Real Iraq War Debate’s Lessons for U.S. Foreign Policy

May 20, 2015 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Foreign Policy

Was invading Iraq ever the right decision to make? While many often discuss "what we know now" versus "what we knew then" to justify the reasoning that led the United States into war more than twelve years ago, TCF fellow Michael Cohen says that even in 2003, the facts available never should have resulted in war.

Even if the U.S. had found Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, and even if there was evidence that Iraq was trying to reconstitute its nuclear program, the case for war was always extraordinarily weak—one that was hyped by Bush administration mouthpieces with evidence that was, at best, circumstantial and at worst, manufactured out of thin air. The threat Iraq posed to the United States was not imminent—indeed, it barely even existed. Saddam had no links to terrorist organizations, and even if he did, there’s still little reason to believe he would have shared WMDs with them.

Read more of Cohen's argument in World Politics Review.

Tags: wmds, war in iraq, iraq war, bush

When The Gang-bangers Are White Guys

TCF fellow and co-director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab Harold Pollack conducted an interview with The Marshall Project on the recent shooting incident in Waco, Texas involving dueling biker gangs. He says that this type of violence becomes largely overlooked because of the high likelihood that biker gangs are typically white.

So are the biker gangs a real problem, in your view?

I don’t know. Some outlaw biker gangs have certainly sold a lot of meth or been involved in other drug distribution. There is something very 1971 Rolling Stone about this scene. I couldn’t quite believe it when I read this news.

Read the full interview here.

Tags: racial profiling, organized crime, biker gangs

Pakistan Cannot Exist without Sectarian Harmony, Warn Experts

Last week, The Century Foundation released a new report on Pakistan at an event held in Washington, D.C. Dawn, Pakistan's oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper, covered the launch, reporting on the highlights from panelists' discussion.

“The absence of rule of law lies at the heart of many problems Pakistan faces now,” he said. “This is the biggest threat.”

Read more about the event and the conversations it sparked here.

Tags: report, pakistan, china

Roosevelt’s Final Legacy—The UN

May 15, 2015 BY: Stephen Schlesinger TOPICS: Foreign Policy

The United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. TCF fellow Stephen Schlesinger discusses the history of the organization's founding and why it remains a tribute to Franklin D. Roosevelt's original vision.

The United Nations, which this year celebrates its 70th anniversary, was the idee fixe of an American president, Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt originally envisaged the organization as a unique peace-making body that would harness the collective power of member-states to stop aggressors around the planet.

For a full overview of FDR's work that led to the founding of the UN, check out Schlesinger's article in Huffington Post.

Tags: united nations, security, international relations, huffington post, fdr


Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

In the first years of the new century, an assertive foreign policy took a toll on the cultivated role of the U.S. as a responsible global leader. The Century Foundation's work in this area provides perspective on the international difficulties the U.S. is facing today, while providing policy recommendations to promote the nation's security interests. Our research and analysis focuses on effectively responding to challenges in the Middle East and Pakistan, as well as responding to international crime.

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