This is a pivotal moment in America. A devastating child care cliff. Abortion rights and affirmative action under siege. Rising costs, a worsening maternal health crisis, and escalating conflict overseas. At TCF, we’re tackling those challenges head-on. To learn more, read our 2023 Annual Report, Meeting the Moment.

By making a donation today, you can help take our work to the next level in 2024, so that together we can:

  • Stop the attacks on abortion rights and expand access to maternal health care 
  • Finish the job to secure affordable child care for every family 
  • Defend workers, unions, and people with disabilities standing up for higher pay and dignity at work
  • Lower the cost of college, fight for HBCUs, and make our K-12 schools more integrated 
  • Grow our new, multi-team task force to support diversity across key STEM talent pipelines
  • Advocate for peace and security in the Middle East and around the world

TCF is bigger and stronger than at any time in our 104-year history. Our network, impact, and breadth of expertise continues to grow—but so do the challenges faced by Americans. That’s why we need support from people like you to grow our impact even further in 2024.

Meeting The Moment

Learn about what we accomplished in our 2023 Annual Report, Meeting the Moment.

Read the Report learn more: Meeting The Moment