The hard truth is that today, public policy doesn’t work for too many people. The communities most impacted by policy tend to be the ones most disadvantaged by policy choices. Their voices don’t make it to the halls of power. Their needs are the first to get sacrificed. And that hurts us all.

At TCF we put everyday people front and center, in everything we do. To learn more, read our 2022 Annual Report, Making Policy Work for People

This year we:

  • Launched a groundbreaking initiative, the Disability Economic Justice Collaborative, which is calling attention to the indefensible rates of poverty faced by disabled Americans.
  • Defended workers fighting for better working conditions, higher pay, and affordable child care—work that helped save 3 million child care slots throughout the pandemic.
  • Made sure that 3.7 million parents who owe student debt on behalf of their children were included in President Biden’s student loan cancellation plan.
  • Became a go-to resource for how to safeguard and expand abortion access in the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision stripping abortion rights.

Our work is far from over. We’ve got big plans for 2023—but we need your help. Donate today to help us win even more victories in the year ahead.

Making Policy Work for People

Download the PDF of The Century Foundation's 2022 Annual Report, "Making Policy Work for People."

Read More learn more: Making Policy Work for People


The child care and early learning proposals championed by TCF and passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would generate $48 billion in increased parental earnings and $60 billion in gains for businesses and state tax revenue each year.



More than 3.6 million students are represented by the organizations that make up TCF’s Bridges Collaborative, a first-of-its-kind nationwide initiative focused on building more diverse schools and neighborhoods.



TCF’s new Disability Economic Justice Collaborative includes forty of the nation’s leading think tanks, research organizations, and advocacy groups together representing millions of people across the country.



TCF has convened an extraordinary group of fifteen Black leaders working in maternal health policy—a collective that has become a go-to resource for policymakers across the country who are crafting maternal health legislation.



More than 3.7 million families who owe Parent PLUS loans will now be eligible for student loan relief, following TCF’s work to ensure parent borrowers were included in President Biden’s loan cancellation plan.