Abigail is the Century Foundation’s lead creative and Director of Production. Abigail earned a BFA degree in Communications Design with a concentration in Advertising Art Direction. Though Abby’s technical training is design she is also interested in the broader picture of the world of communications. This includes all avenues including social media, web,  and video. She also differs from the traditional track of advertising majors for Abby specializes in working with non-profit, social activist and political groups rather than more commercial options.

Within the past five years she has been involved with projects including branding Cornell University’s sustainability coalition, organizing a community project called The Couch Utica, doing graphic design for The National Organization for Women and numerous other non-profit organizations. Being able to help organizations define a physical and visual voice has become a passion. To see some of the other projects she has been involved with recently please visit her website at abigailegrimshaw.com.