As the prospect of another vote on the American Health Care Act looms, this chart breaks down the House Republican bill by the function of each section. It illustrates in one place the bill’s priorities: tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and cutting back on consumer coverage, benefits, and insurance protections, rather than offering replacement policies.

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 Section Titles of American Health Care Act 
Cut Taxes for Wealthy Individuals and Corporations
Sec. 113 Elimination of DSH cuts
Sec. 207 Repeal of the tax on employee health insurance premiums and health plan benefits
Sec. 208 Repeal of tax on over-the-counter medications
Sec. 209 Repeal of increase of tax on health savings accounts
Sec. 210 Repeal of limitations on contributions to flexible spending accounts
Sec. 211 Repeal of medical device excise tax
Sec. 212 Repeal of elimination of deduction for expenses allocable to medicare part D subsidy
Sec. 213 Repeal of increase in income threshold for determining medical care deduction
Sec. 214 Repeal of Medicare tax increase
Sec. 221 Repeal of tax on prescription medications
Sec. 222 Repeal of health insurance tax
Sec. 231 Repeal of tanning tax
Sec. 241 Remuneration from certain insurers
Sec. 251 Repeal of net investment income tax
Sec. 216 Maximum contribution limit to health savings account increased to amount of deductible and out-of-pocket limitation
Sec. 217 Allow both spouses to make catch-up contributions to the same health savings account
Sec. 218 Special rule for certain medical expenses incurred before establishment of health savings account
Cut Coverage, Benefits, & Consumer Protections
Sec. 101 The Prevention and Public Health Fund
Sec. 111 Repeal of Medicaid provisions
Sec. 112 Repeal of Medicaid expansion
Sec. 131 Repeal of cost-sharing subsidy
Sec. 135 Change in permissible age variation in health insurance premium rates
Sec. 136 Permitting states to waive certain ACA requirements to encourage fair health insurance premiums
Sec. 201 Recapture excess advance payments of premium tax credits
Sec. 203 Premium tax credit
Sec. 204 Small business tax credit
Sec. 205 Individual mandate
Sec. 206 Employer mandate
Sec. 103 Federal payments to States (No Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood)
Sec. 114 Reducing State Medicaid costs (e.g., counting lottery winnings)
Sec. 116 Providing incentives for increased frequency of eligibility redeterminations
Sec. 121 Per capita allotment for medical assistance
Replace Insurance Provisions
Sec. 102 Community health center program
Sec. 115 Safety net funding for non-expansion States
Sec. 132 Patient and State Stability Fund
Sec. 133 Continuous health insurance coverage incentive
Sec. 134 Increasing coverage options
Sec. 202 Additional modifications to premium tax credit
Sec. 215 Refundable tax credit for health insurance coverage
Note: The tax cut category includes the section repealing Medicaid hospital cuts and 14 of its 17 sections roll back or repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions.  In the health coverage cut category, 11 of the 15 sections roll back or repeal ACA provisions. The replacement category includes a funding increase for community health centers.