The science is clear: bilingualism yields a host of benefits and dual language education is the gold standard for emergent bilinguals. Yet, emergent bilinguals’ access to high-quality education is uneven, and there is limited consensus on what high-quality dual language education looks like for young children.

Join the Children’s Equity Project and The Century Foundation during this hour-long webinar as we highlight our new framework for providing emergent bilinguals with access to high-quality dual-language education. We will provide an overview of our two recent reports focusing on ensuring equitable access to high-quality dual language education and on a framework of high-quality dual language education for infants/toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary-age students. We will summarize the findings of a study examining the extent to which emergent bilinguals in K-12 have access to dual language education, and share policy implications. We also will provide an overview of a seven-part framework addressing programmatic structures; language allocation; curricula, pedagogy, and instruction; workforce, credentialing, and professional development; family leadership and engagement, and more!