Postponed: Due to the evolving health and travel concerns around COVID-19, this event has been postponed. We are planning to reschedule the event for a later date. If you registered for this event, you can expect to receive more information once future plans are confirmed.

In the meantime, you can still support the End Perpetual Punishment Campaign by making a donation today; or learn more about the campaign by reaching out to [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you again for your interest in the End Perpetual Punishment event. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Do you want to join a movement to dismantle the 44,000 laws and barriers of perpetual punishment that affect the lives of 70–100 million formerly incarcerated individuals in this country? Here is your chance!

Join us on Thursday, March 19 at 6 PM to learn about and take action with the End Perpetual Punishment campaign. This project, led by Next100 policy entrepreneur, Michael “Zaki” Smith will use art, advocacy, policy, and community empowerment to drive an end to perpetual punishment for incarcerated individuals here in New York State, while also empowering communities in longer-term ways to understand and impact policy change.

The evening will include Smith in conversation with Kishshana Palmer, CEO of Kishshana & Co. and founder of The Rooted Collaborative, as he shares his personal experience of living with a criminal record, the policies that create barriers, the policy solutions that could address them, and the mission and work of his campaign. 

Donations will be accepted during the event, or you can support the campaign right away and make a donation today.

Light refreshments will be served.

Speaker Bios:

Michael “Zaki” Smith is a policy entrepreneur at Next100 and an entrepreneur and activist with more than fifteen years of experience in youth empowerment and social justice. At Next100, Zaki’s work focuses on dismantling the collateral consequences of incarceration. As a formerly incarcerated person, Zaki has felt the full impact of collateral consequences. In 2017, Zaki lost his ability to work in a school he had worked in for five years all because of a past criminal record. In 2018, he founded The Fair Chance Project, an organization with a mission to increase awareness around the 44,000+ policies that continue the silent life sentence of “perpetual punishment” for formerly incarcerated individuals after their terms are served. The Fair Chance Project aims to change national legislation in the key areas that most impact an individual’s ability to reintegrate into society post-incarceration, including employment, housing, education, and voting.

Kishshana Palmer is a national speaker, trainer, and coach with a seventeen-year background  in fundraising, marketing, and talent management. Kishshana is the CEO of Kishshana & Co, a boutique management and leadership consulting firm focused on helping everyday leaders live well and lead well. Her firm’s work centers on equity and social justice and practical solutions for today’s organizations. She is the founder of The Rooted Collaborative, a global community focused on the growth and development of women leaders of color who raise money in the social impact sector. Kishshana is an adjunct professor at Baruch College, a certified fundraising executive (CFRE), a BoardSource certified governance trainer (CGT) and an Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) master trainer.  When an organization wants to grow, find and retain people on their team, raise money, and more, she is the philanthropic fairy godmother they have on speed dial. Her work isn’t limited to organizations: she also coaches women social entrepreneurs. Kishshana is a NYC girl and mother of one wonderful teenage daughter. In her spare time she’s listening to R&B, reading, serving her community, and finding new fabulous clothes to fill up her wardrobe.

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