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Nationally, educators and activists have begun to renew and strengthen conversations about school diversity and desegregation. Prior to the end of his tenure, the US Department of Education under Secretary John King pushed both grants and legislation that would have funded and supported local efforts to create and sustain diverse schools. But like most of the United States, Washington, D.C. still has highly segregated schools, with nearly 71 percent of black public school students attending schools that are either over 99 percent minority students or are entirely non-white. With over 40 percent of D.C.’s student population attending public charter schools, charters are both an important part of the district’s educational landscape and a critical aspect in maintaining or dismantling school segregation.

On September 19, The Century Foundation and Learn Together, Live Together invite you to come hear leaders from D.C.’s education, civil rights, and charter school leaders discuss what role charter schools should play in promoting diversity.

This event will attempt to answer questions such as: What effect do charter schools currently have on diversity in D.C. schools? Should charters in D.C. focus on creating diverse learning environments, or should most be dedicated to providing services to only the most disadvantaged students? How can district schools and charter schools coordinate and collaborate in this work?

Stick around after the program for a reception serving wine and snacks.

Speakers include:

  • Saba Bireda, member of the D.C. Public Charter School Board
  • Jennie Niles, Deputy Mayor for Education in Washington, D.C.
  • Kimberly Quick, policy associate, The Century Foundation (moderator)
  • Laura Wilson Phelan, founder and executive director, Kindred

Think. Drink. Mingle.
This event is part of The Century Foundation’s Think. Drink. Mingle series, which brings together leading experts and advocates from various backgrounds to discuss our nation’s most pressing public policy issues. From expanding opportunity at home to strengthening democracy abroad, these events seek to foster the dialogue, diversity, and collaboration that we believe are essential to achieving progressive change. Learn more and view past events at