The livestream below will begin at the time of the event.

Join Next100 and the #FixThe13thNY on January 17, 2022, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to launch our campaign that will work to abolish forced labor and improve wages and working conditions for the incarcerated in New York State. We will work to end exploitation and value the humanity of all people, including individuals who are incarcerated.

You will hear from:

  • Vidal Guzman, #FixThe13thNY & Next100
  • Grace Ortez, #FixThe13thNY, Freedom Agenda, & Dream Deferred, Inc.
  • Darren Mack, Freedom Agenda
  • Tyrrell Muhammad, Correctional Association of New York
  • Donna Hylton, A Little Piece Of Light
  • Shear Avory, New Pride Agenda
  • Lisa Zucker, New York Civil Liberties Union & 13 Forward Campaign

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