The Century Foundation fellows discuss the best and worst public policy issues and decisions of 2012:

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The Best and the Worst in National Security: 2012 by Michael Cohen

Lessons from the Great Recession: Best and Worst Monetary Policy of 2012 by Mark Thoma.

Labor Becomes Part of the National Conversation: The Best and Worst of 2012 by Amy Dean.

Developments in Tax Policy: The 2012 Edition by Edward Kleinbard.

Best Fiscal Policy Development of 2012? The Half-triumph of Keynesianism over Austerity by Andrew Fieldhouse.

2012 Was a Year of Confirmations by Daniel Alpert.

The Best and Worst in Education and Labor: 2012 by Richard Kahlenberg

Best of Worst in Labor: 2012 By Moshe Marvit

Best and Worst Developments in American Foreign Policy in 2012 by Stephen Schlesinger