This week’s #TCFBest winner comes to us from Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf), whose essay, “The Balance of Power” laments the “epoch-long war on a people here, an effort to hold back the economic—and social—progress of the majority of humanity.”

Rothkopf, the CEO of Foreign Policy, begins by noting that Foreign Policy’s own list of the 500 most powerful people on the planet, 90% are male. He goes on to note that on list-after-list, group-after-group, women are massively underrepresented. Indeed, this state of affairs is so taken-for-granted that we celebrate the occasional exception as evidence that we've made more progress than is actually the case. Says Rothkopf:

The systematic, persistent acceptance of women's second-class status is history's greatest shame. And for all our self-congratulations about how far we have come, we live in a world where even in the most advanced countries, deep injustices against women remain. These injustices, of course, have other costs beyond the purely human ones. Nothing would help societies grow more than educating and empowering women economically. Democracy is a sham until the planet's majority population actually achieves equitable representation in deliberative bodies and executive positions of government. And the absence of women in positions of power is also, of course, a guarantee that women's interests will continue to be minimized, ignored, or repressed.

Head over to Foreign Policy to read the rest of “The Balance of Power.”

Our thanks to @JasonRenker for nominating the piece, and to Century Foundation trustee John Podesta (@johnpodesta) for first bringing it to our attention.

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