Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, readers. #TCFBest takes a look at an essay from Vice about what it means to be a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. At The Atlantic Cities, Jordan Weissmann details the life of a collage grad in a dead-end job and The Nation explains how Wall Street is fighting to thwart eminent domain plans.

A protester’s so-called life.

Vice published a portrait this week of a day in the life of a Muslim Brotherhood supporter named Faisal. Why is this significant? The MB is at the heart of ongoing unrest in Egypt, between supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi and his opposition. Protests have been ongoing since a July military coup and this week, Egyptians voted in a constitutional referendum to decide the legitimacy of Morsi’s removal. Faisal, who has shotgun pellets lodged in his head, is afraid to go to the hospital for fear of arrest, such is the climate in the area. To hear more about Faisal, trek over to Vice.

FOIA bursts Wall Street’s bubble.

10.7 million homeowners are stuck in underwater homes (where the mortgage is worth more than the house). Meanwhile, Wall Street received $700 billion via TARP after the housing crisis, and the money designated to help homeowners remains mostly unspent. The Nation discusses cities’ use of eminent domain, traditionally invoked when property is seized for public use, to instead take over mortgage loans. Wall Street is unhappy. A Freedom of Information Act request shows the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) “has been spearheading Wall Street’s fight against using eminent domain to mitigate the foreclosure crisis.” Not cool. Take the bull by the horns and read the FOIA obtained emails at The Nation.

College grads could be baristas for life.

As The Atlantic Cities reports, “roughly 44 percent of working, young college graduates were ‘underemployed’ through 2012…about the same rate as in 1994.” Speaking of underemployment, there is a stark contrast between entry-level pay at a desk job and trying to make ends meet by serving up lattes. Let this percolate at The Atlantic Cities.

Bonus: Read President Obama’s memo on NSA surveillance following his speech yesterday.