The Century Foundation launched Next100 over two years ago as a new model for a progressive think tank. Since then, the need for new voices in the policy space—those with ties to impacted communities, who bring diverse backgrounds and lived experience—has only become more urgent. 

Next100 is putting the people most impacted by public policy in the driver’s seat of change. Now, you can hear directly from Next100 Policy Entrepreneurs about why this work is so important.

In this new video, current and former Policy Entrepreneurs Diana Martinez Quintana, Levi Bohanan, and Zaki Smith share not just their work, but also how their background and experiences shape their approach to policy change. 

Diana, Levi, Zaki, and their fellow PEs are the future of progressive policy. They’re doing the work, but we need your help to create change across the sector and remove barriers once and for all. Help fuel the next generation of policy leaders today.