My most recent issue brief examines the effects of United States natural gas exports on the economy.

A group of manufacturers known as America’s Energy Advantage (AEA) generally oppose gas exporting. The AEA believes a revival in gas-fueled manufacturing would be far more beneficial than large-scale exporting. Overall, it is in the United States’ best interest to limit natural gas exports in order to revive domestic manufacturing sectors. Gains in jobs and economic activity far outweigh any perceived gains from exports.

There is still much uncertainty when it comes to ramping up exports. The strong anti-fracking movement has some valid points, particularly when it comes to issues of leakage and spillage, poor disposal practices and other management performance issues. Additionally, it’s not clear that rapid rates of depletion in shale reserves would be able to handle the global spread of U.S. gas.

These issues and more are addressed in my report, available to download below.