Fellow Thanassis Cambanis discusses in The Boston Globe the current situation of countries like Syria, Libya or Egypt, three years since the Arab Spring. Cambanis examines the future of Arab societies and what the region looks like today. 


“Three years after the revolts of the Arab Spring, the reformers’ initial euphoria has given way in much of the region to weariness and even despair. Civil war has overtaken Syria; Egypt is under the thumb of a newly aggressive military junta. In Bahrain, the opposition is in disarray or detention, despite representing a clear majority of the people; Libyans haven’t managed to tame the patchwork of warlords that overthrew Moammar Khadafy. Just recently, the head of the Maronite church in Lebanon joined the pessimistic chorus by talking about an 'Arab winter.'”

Read the full article here and follow Thanassis Cambanis as he studies the Arab winter going forward. 


Photo credit: Flickr, Creative Commons