Each contestant will be required to acknowledge that they understand and have read the rules governing this student contest. All contestants under 18 will be required to affirm that their parent/guardian has read and understands the rules governing this student contest. All finalists will be required to submit signed parental consent for participation.


  • All currently enrolled K–12 students in the United States are eligible to participate.
    • All students entering the contest must be enrolled in a U.S. based school (including homeschool) or a school in Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Children of military personnel abroad can enter this year, and will be judged with applications from their home state.
  • Students may work together in groups of up to four or submit entries as individuals.
  • Classrooms are eligible to enter a submission as an entire class, but the submission must adhere to the stated length requirements.
  • Entries will be sorted into one of three categories: sixth grade and below, seventh–ninth grade, or tenth–twelfth grade:
    • Individual entrants will be sorted into the category that matches their grade level for the 2020–21 school year.
    • Classroom entrants will be sorted into the category that matches the classroom’s grade-level for the 2020–21 school year (in the case of mixed classes, the grade level of the highest grade student will determine the category).
    • Group entrants will be sorted into the category determined by the group member with the highest grade level, in the case that students participating in a group are in different grade levels.
  • All submission types (individual, group, and classroom) will be judged in the same manner using the same rubric and are all eligible for the same prizes. There are not separate prizes for different submission types.

Entries and How to Enter

  • Entries must be submitted online. Links to contest available at tcf.org/bridges-collaborative.
    • Video files can be no longer than three minutes and thirty seconds in length.
    • Audio files can be no longer than five minutes in length.
    • Written accompaniments to artistic submissions can be no longer than 300 words. Please submit photographs of any artistic pieces, rather than sending original artworks.
    • Standalone written submissions can be no longer than 1,500 words.
    • Presentations/Prezis should include an audio or video of the student presenting their work (which must adhere to the above audio/video limits).
  • Number of Entries
    • Contestants can submit a maximum of one individual submission, one group submission, and one class submission (a maximum of three total entries possible).
  • Language
    • The submissions will be judged in English. Entries may include other languages, but entries that use other languages must include explanations and/or translation in English. These translations/explanations will not count against the word/space limit. Submitting students may receive assistance from adults on English translation.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee for participation in this contest.

Dates and Deadlines

  • The contest opens on Monday, May 3, 2021 and will be posted online.
  • Submissions are due by Monday, November 1, 2021 by 11:59 PM PT.
  • Finalists will be announced in late November.
  • Online voting will occur in December.
  • Winners will be announced by January.

Sources and Plagiarism

All information that is presented in a submission must give credit to the original source and cite appropriately. Plagiarism will result in disqualification from the contest.

Copyrighted Materials

No copyrighted materials may be used for this contest.

Rights to Submissions

TCF and the Bridges Collaborative have the right to reproduce, publicly post, present, share, and use all submissions to the contest on their websites, in promotional materials, at conferences, and for learning purposes, without notification or further compensation. TCF and the Bridges Collaborative will also have the right to share the first names, classrooms, schools, and hometowns of submitters.


In order to be considered, a submission must adhere to the requirements laid out in the contest directions.

A panel of judges (including youth judges) will select finalists from among all valid submissions based on the following, equally weighted criteria:

    • The submission presents interesting, relevant, and lesser known facts about the history of racial segregation in housing and/or schooling in the student’s home community; or presents an innovative, thoughtful, and feasible approach to remedying the current landscape of segregation in their community; or both.
    • The submission is creatively executed and captures and holds the audience’s attention.
    • The submission is likely to start conversations in the local community and cause people to rethink issues of segregation in their community.
    • The submission is free (or mostly free) of errors and represents high-quality work.

Judges use a predetermined rubric to select winners and all judges are trained in the proper use of the rubric.

Winners and Awards

  • TCF and the Bridges Collaborative have the right to determine the contest winners. Winners will be solely selected according to the stated criteria. All decisions are final.
  • Cash awards for submissions by multiple submitters will be split evenly among submitters. Cash awards won by a classroom submission will be sent directly to the school entity where the classroom is located.
  • The following awards will be presented:
  • For all entrants (individuals, groups, and classes) in the sixth grade and below category:
    • One Public Choice Winner (based on online votes from finalist voting period): $575
    • First Place (based on selection rubric): $575
    • Second Place (based on selection rubric): $250
    • Third Place (based on selection rubric): $50


No professional assistance is allowed.
Submissions should represent the original work of the student or students who submit.

Non-liability for Upload Errors or Other Submission Issues

TCF and the Bridges Collaborative are not responsible for projects that did not upload correctly, are illegible, late, inaccurate, or undelivered. Entrants should keep a copy of their submission as well as the confirmation of their submission (save or print the confirmation page following submission).

Right to Terminate

TCF and the Bridges Collaborative reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to modify or terminate this sweepstakes in the event of any act, occurrence, or reason that it believes would corrupt the integrity, administration, or fairness of the contest.

Finalists and Student/Parent/Guardian Consent

Submissions that have been selected as finalist submissions will require a consent form to be filled out and submitted by both the submitting student and his/her parent/guardian. Finalists will be contacted by email of their status and will have one week to return their consent forms to be eligible finalists.

Permission to Contact

TCF and the Bridges Collaborative have the right to email participants to inform them of their finalist status and the date, time, and location of the announcement of finalists and winners, or logistical matters pertaining to the student contest.

Hold Harmless

By accepting the prizes, winners agree to hold TCF/The Bridges Collaborative and all employees harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of use of such prizes. Winner assumes all liability for any injury or damage caused from participation in the contest or use/redemption of any award.

Rules and Decisions Binding

Entrants agree to be bound by the official contest rules and decisions of the judges.

Compliance with Local, State, and Federal Laws

Content must comply with all local, state and federal laws of the United States. Content must not (1) promote illegal behavior; (2) support racial, religious, sexual or other invidious prejudice; (3) advocate sexual or violent exploitation; (4) violate rights established by law or agreement; (5) invade the privacy of any person; or (6) be otherwise inappropriate as determined by TCF/Bridges Collaborative in its sole and conclusive determination.