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How King v. Burwell Could Harm Us All

TCF policy associate Clio Chang reminds us of just how many parties will be affected by the Supreme Court's ruling of the King v. Burwell case.


The ACA’s Fifth Anniversary: 16.4 Million Americans Covered So Far

As supporters of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) celebrate its fifth anniversary, TCF president Mark Zuckerman and policy associate Clio Chang review the various arguments made by opponents of the ACA and see how they are holding up.


Patching Up the Social Safety Net

The "social safety net" has been a complicated concept since the 1960's, since many of its programs benefit the poor, but need funding support from the whole population. TCF fellow Edward Kleinbard offers one solution that is highlighted in his book, "We Are Better Than This," which is to "raise[ing] top tax rates to where they were in the Clinton era and pare[ing] some personal tax deductions that benefit the better off."

As demands on Social Security and Medicare grow over time, pressure will be enormous to cut benefits, mostly at the top. If Mr. Cohen was right, this will drain political support from the only universal programs we have left. They may become poor programs too.

Read the NY Times piece featuring Kleinbard.

Tags: social security, social safety net, medicare, medicaid

Is Expanding Medicaid an Essential Part of Reducing Mass Incarceration?

The problem of mass incarceration expands further than reforming the criminal justice system; it also involves addressing the reach of Medicaid recipients. TCF fellow Harold Pollack spoke with Mike Konczal of the Roosevelt Institute to explain how expansion of Medicaid coverage would assist inmates needing mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and medical care that may have landed them behind bars in the first place.

Think about who is not eligible for Medicaid before health reform. A low-income male who is not a veteran or a custodial parent, or who doesn’t qualify for Ryan-White HIV/AIDS benefits. They may have a serious substance abuse problem, but that wouldn’t qualify them for federal disability benefits. They, with the expansion, can get access to Medicaid simply because they are poor.

The full interview can be accessed here.

Tags: mental health, medicaid expansion, incarceration, criminal justice system

Just Give Out the Cash

The Washington Examiner today featured TCF fellow Jeff Madrick and policy associate Clio Chang in it's News Section. Madrick and Chang's work promotes cash allowances in the U.S. and cites evidence that despite what many Americans believe, recipients of cash allowances do make good spending choices that help their families.

The justification for the policy is that additional cash income allows parents to invest more in their children, but in a way that is adaptable to specific circumstances.

The Washington Examiner news page can be found here.

Tags: welfare, child poverty, cash allowances, benefits

The GOP’s Political Incompetence in Selma

In honor of the 50 year anniversary of the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, President Obama delivered a heartfelt and patriotic speech onsite in Selma. TCF fellow Harold Pollack says that there was something disheartening about this event however, which he explains as the apparent absence of several prominent GOP members. He says this behavior is increasingly out of step with the changing society we live in today.

There is now the tawdry effort to reverse-engineer and hinder the Obama ’08 campaign’s success in turning out African-American and Latino voters. In battleground states where the GOP controls the statehouse, Republicans seem conspicuously more interested in hindering early minority voting practices than in actively engaging minority communities.

Read Pollack's full article here.

Tags: voting rights act, selma, race inequality, gop


Social Insurance

Social Insurance

Compared to other advanced nations, America’s retirement security and health care systems offer weaker protections against risks we all face. The Century Foundation’s work focuses on ideas for strengthening Social Security, pensions, and health care – including steps for building on the Affordable Care Act.

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