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Lack of a Real Obama Scandal Means Focus Turns to Hillary Clinton’s E-mail

March 13, 2015 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

Since news first broke that Hillary Clinton used a private email account during her time as Secretary of State, a media frenzy has continued to surrounded the issue. TCF fellow Michael Cohen suggests that the reason why the "scandal" has received so much attention is largely owing to the fact that the Obama administration has all but been scandal-free, especially in comparison to his predecessors of recent decades.

All of this is not to say that Hillary’s e-mail scandal is a real scandal. And a popular presidential aspirant is not going to be derailed because she may have strayed from federal record keeping laws. But the whiff of scandal will almost certainly continue to surround her candidacy. It is, fairly or not, seemingly endemic to the Clintons. That Obama has so far been able to avoid the same pitfalls as his predecessors — in light of such strong organized opposition from Republicans — may be the most remarkable aspect of his presidency.

Cohen's article can be found in the Boston Globe..

Tags: state department, president, obama, michael cohen, hillary clinton, boston globe

Are You Being Followed by a Stingray?

March 13, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: Sam Adler-Bell TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

TCF fellow Barton Gellman and policy associate Sam Adler-Bell sat down to discuss a controversial surveillance device known as the “Stingray.”


How National-Security Reporter Barton Gellman Protects His Sources

TCF fellow Barton Gellman has been using encryption and anonymity tools for over a decade now. In an interview with The Daily Dot, Gellman talks the free and open source tools that he is currently turning to for his own security needs.

Barton Gellman’s security tools
  • Peerio
  • PGP
  • Pond
  • SecureDrop
  • Signal, TextSecure
  • Tails
  • Tor

Read Gellman's recommendations discussed in the interview here.

Tags: surveillance, snowden nsa, snowden, security, privacy, nsa, encryption, barton gellman, bart gellman

More Security Fears Surround Clinton’s ‘Homebrew’ Email Server

March 4, 2015 BY: Barton Gellman TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

As reports have emerged that Hillary Clinton relied on a "homebrew" computer server to send and receive messages during her time at the State Department, many have called Clinton's actions inexcusable. TCF fellow Barton Gellman provided commentary on the news:

Others were less convinced that Clinton's decision afforded her more security and that it was motivated by anything more than an attempt to dodge transparency. Barton Gellman, a reporter for The Washington Post who has access to the Snowden files, tweeted Wednesday that "it is not possible for a high-value target to secure a home-managed email server."

See coverage of this story in The National Journal.

Tags: hillary clinton, computer hacking, barton gellman, bart gellman

Clinton’s E-Mail Server Was Never Safe

Over the past few days, experts have continued to weigh-in on the Hillary Clinton email controversy. Many agree with TCF fellow Barton Gellman that a secure home-managed email server would have been impossible to achieve.

The same goes for the actual e-mail messages that passed through the server apparently located in the Clinton home. I agree with Barton Gellman, The Washington Post's point man on the Snowden revelations, who tweeted today:

Read the newest opinion piece on the issue in Bloomberg View.

Tags: surveillance, privacy, hillary clinton, hacking, bloomberg, barton gellman, bart gellman

4 Ways the “Surveillance Industrial Revolution” Is Changing Your Life

February 20, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: Sam Adler-Bell TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

TCF policy associate Sam Adler-Bell looks at some of the ways in which the data-driven economy is affecting us.

Tags: surveillance, nsa, edward snowden, economy, barton gellman


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