The Century Foundation is celebrating 100 years of policy progress with the launch of Next100, a pop-up think tank for the next generation of policy leaders.

Today’s young people are the most diverse, engaged, and progressive generation in history. Whether organizing online, protesting in the streets, or running for office, they are joining together and demanding change on the issues most central to their lives and our collective future, from immigration to racial justice to education to climate change.

That’s where Next100 comes in. Next100 is a pop-up think tank built for a new brand of policy leaders, working on the issues that matter most to the next generation.

“The next generation lives and breathes the issues driving the progressive movement forward, and because of this, they’re in a unique position to shape the future. That’s why we’ve developed Next100, an innovative pop-up think tank where aspiring leaders can enact policy solutions that will impact not only this generation, but all generations that follow.”

— Mark Zuckerman, President, The Century Foundation

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