When New York City’s next mayor takes office in January 2022, they will face unprecedented challenges, in nearly every area of public life. One thing is certain: To recover from COVID-19, New York City cannot return to a pre-pandemic “normal,” because that status quo didn’t work for millions of New Yorkers.

Working together with Robin Hood, New York City’s leading anti-poverty organization, TCF and Next100 have developed an ambitious plan to tackle poverty, build meaningful pathways to economic opportunity, and hasten the city’s recovery from the pandemic. From Crisis to Opportunity: A Policy Agenda for an Equitable NYC is a comprehensive blueprint for New York City’s next mayor, offering dozens of evidence-based, politically popular recommendations in the areas of child care, P-12 education, jobs and the economy, housing, policing, and human services.

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In other words, it’s a plan to finally build New York City into the city that we aspire to be.

Our Agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed New Yorkers already struggling to make ends meet to the brink. To help guide and hasten our recovery, TCF and Next100 have partnered with Robin Hood, the city's preeminent anti-poverty organization, to develop a bold and ambitious policy agenda for the incoming mayoral administration to create a more fair, equitable, and just New York City.