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*Please note that we have pieces scheduled for publication through early 2024, so we’ve currently paused on accepting new pitches. We will be sure to share an update when we’re reviewing pitches again. Thank you!

Voices of Disability Economic Justice, a project of the The Century Foundation’s Disability Economic Justice Team, is a commentary series that shines a light on the economic disparities that disabled people experience to support our mission of shifting policies and practices toward finally achieving economic security and justice for people with disabilities in the United States. Central to this series is a focus on amplifying the perspectives of disabled people with multiple overlapping marginalized identities—particularly disabled people of color and LGBTQIA+ disabled people.

If you have a story to share or a viewpoint to express that addresses economic justice issues through a disability lens, send us a pitch! Payment for published pieces is $500.

Before submitting, please check out the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

If you do not have a disability, we ask that you please respect the space we are holding for disabled perspectives and refrain from pitching us.

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We welcome submissions that use supported storytelling, meaning that a disabled person who is unable to write can work with someone (who does or does not identify as disabled) to share their story through an interview or question/answer format.

We will consider either ideas or full drafts. If you pitch an idea that we’re interested in publishing, we are happy to work with you to shape and develop your idea into a draft. Upon acceptance of that draft, we will work with you on revising into a final piece for publication. Please note payment is contingent upon your piece being accepted, completed, and ready for publication.

We don’t require that writers specifically disclose their disability, so if you identify as having a disability, please pitch us! We will not edit the language you use to refer to yourself (e.g., person-first language or identity-first language).

We recognize that personal narratives connected to issues of economic injustice may be rooted in difficult or traumatic experiences. We do not ask authors to relive their trauma or disclose traumatic experiences. Our editorial process strives to create a safe process for disabled writers to pitch and publish their first person narratives about economic issues they’ve faced in their lives. 

While we review all submissions we receive, we cannot guarantee acceptance for publication. If you do not receive a response to your pitch within a month, please note this means we have decided not to move forward with publishing.

Note that we publish one to two pieces per month. If we accept a pitch from you that is evergreen or connected to a theme that we are working on for a later date, we may not publish it immediately.

Submissions in the following form will not be considered for publication:

  • pitches from non-disabled writers
  • pieces that have already been published by another outlet
  • pieces that are explicitly partisan or endorse specific political candidates
  • academic writing
  • advertisements
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • long-form journalism

We look forward to receiving your submission! Please send all pitches to [email protected].

Voices of Disability Economic Justice