Think. Drink. Mingle. is back for its third year! This summer, The Century Foundation will host a three-part panel series aimed at bringing together young professionals working in NYC. This year our events will focus on what it means to be an everyday activist in today’s political climate. Each event will explore the role that everyday citizens can play in making change a reality, even if they’re not full-time activists. Stick around after the presentation to mingle, expand your network, and enjoy some wine and cheese.

At this series opener, we will discuss the belief that education is a right, not a privilege. The cost of post-secondary education has been climbing consistently over the past few decades, coupled with only small consolations in the form of loan options and regulations designed to keep students financially afloat. Despite these measures, college affordability still remains a major barrier for students hoping to pursue a quality education. America’s current and future youth cannot afford for this to continue. Join us for a conversation on what it would mean to achieve a genuinely affordable, accessible and fair higher education system.

Speakers include:

  • Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor of Higher Education Policy & Sociology at Temple University, founder of the Wisconsin HOPE Lab
  • Richard Kahlenberg, senior fellow, The Century Foundation
  • Kimberly Quick, policy associate, The Century Foundation

A reception including wine and cheese will be served following the panel discussion.