The Century Foundation, in cooperation with the Economic Growth Program of the New America Foundation invites you to  The Inadequate Supply of Demand on October 16, 2013 at 12:45 PM at The Century Foundation’s New York Office.

We are living in an age of oversupply, a world in which labor and capital far outstrip demand. TCF fellow Daniel Alpert joins former OMB and CBO director Peter Orszag, Financial Times columnist Ed Luce, and moderator Kelly Evans of CNBC to discuss Alpert’s new book, The Age of Oversupply.

Alpert, a progressive Wall Street banker and economist, argues that economists and political leaders alike have failed to see the signs of what became a cataclysmic shift in the global economy. Distracted by a technology boom and massive debt bubble, advanced nations failed to assess the full impact of the flood of labor and capital unleashed by the end of socialist economies until the most recent financial crisis exposed it. As the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and others continue to poach jobs from Western Europe, Japan, and the United States, prosperity in the developed world remains under threat.

The governments and central banks of the developed world have tried every policy tool imaginable, yet our economies remain sluggish, or worse. Alpert says that new problems require new policy solutions. Join Alpert, Orszag, Luce, and Evans for a discussion of bold policy prescriptions, from one of our sharpest economic minds. Lunch will be provided.

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