The Century Foundation (TCF) invites you to the launch of the new book, Order from Ashes: New Foundations for Security in the Middle East, a collection of expert research edited by TCF senior fellows Michael Wahid Hanna and Thanassis Cambanis. The volume features the work of eighteen leading researchers and policy experts from around the world, and explores the possibilities for creating security architecture and managing conflict at a time of unprecedented turmoil and instability in the Middle East.

Join us for lunch and a panel discussion moderated by Michael Wahid Hanna and three of the book’s contributors: Dalia Dassa Kaye, Dina Esfandiary, and Bruce W. Jentleson.

Order from Ashes” is supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and is the second installment of a multi-year project on the drivers of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa. It follows the 2017 publication of Arab Politics beyond the Uprisings: Experiments in an Age of Resurgent Authoritarianism.