The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought to the forefront the tragic, long-standing, and preventable disparities in U.S. health care. Marginalized groups—across racial, ethnic, gender, class, and age lines—are disproportionately impacted by chronic disease and premature death. With many Americans now agreeing that health inequity is an issue that needs to be addressed, it’s time for a serious conversation about providing quality care, particularly to vulnerable populations.

Join us on Tuesday, December 8, 1:00 PM ET as we discuss policy ideas to make strides toward eliminating health disparities. Followed by the discussion, there will be a Q&A with the audience.


  • Moderator: Dr. Jamila Taylor, director of health care reform and senior fellow at The Century Foundation
  • Amitabh Chandra, Ethel Zimmerman Wiener Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; Henry and Allison McCance Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
  • Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, physician, epidemiologist, former city health commissioner, and progressive activist  

Please register to obtain the Zoom link, which will be sent twenty-four hours before the event.

Presented by NYU Wagner and The Century Foundation.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Jamila Taylor is director of health care reform and senior fellow at The Century Foundation, where she leads TCF’s work to build on the Affordable Care Act and develop the next generation of health reform to achieve high-quality, affordable, and universal coverage in America. A renowned women’s health expert, Taylor also works on issues related to reproductive rights and justice, focusing on the structural barriers to access to health care, racial and gender disparities in health outcomes, and the intersections between health care and economic justice. Throughout her twenty-plus year career, Taylor has championed the health and rights of women both in the United States and around the world.

Amitabh Chandra currently holds dual appointments at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Harvard Business School where he directs the joint MS/MBA program in the life-sciences. Professor Chandra is a member of the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) Panel of Health Advisors, and is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). His research focuses on innovation and pricing in the biopharmaceutical industry, value in health care, medical malpractice, and racial disparities in health care. His research has been supported by the National Institute of Aging, the National Institute of Child Health and Development, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and he is the chair editor of the Review of Economics and Statistics. His research has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Newsweek, and on National Public Radio. Professor Chandra holds a B.S. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Kentucky, and an honorary M.A. in economics from Harvard University. 

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is a physician, epidemiologist, progressive activist, educator, author, speaker, and podcast host. He is the chair of Southpaw Michigan and a political contributor at CNN. He is the author of Healing Politics, calling for a politics of empathy to cure our epidemic of insecurity, and the forthcoming Medicare for All: A Citizen’s Guide with Dr. Micah Johnson. He is the host of “America Dissected,” a podcast by Crooked Media, which goes beyond the headlines to explore what really matters for our health. He is the DeRoy Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan and a scholar-in-residence at Wayne State University and American University, teaching at the interaction of public health, public policy, and politics. He is formerly the health director for the City of Detroit and candidate for governor of Michigan in 2018.