With an estimated 2.5 million students attending charter schools, it's time to focus on which charter school models work best.

Should we be channeling resources toward charter schools serving low-income and minority students? Are there benefits to integrating diverse students from all backgrounds in a single classroom? Which management models are most effective, and what role should teachers play in determining how charter schools are run? What is charter schools’ responsibility when it comes to student attrition? Should charter schools be focusing on preparing all students for college success? How can we better leverage the work of the charter school movement to help the 95 percent of students who attend district schools?

The Century Foundation (TCF) invites you join the conversation together with:

RICHARD BARTH, CEO, Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) Foundation, which operates 162 schools, serving 58,000 students, 88 percent of whom are from low-income families.

RICHARD D. KAHLENBERG, TCF senior fellow and co-author of A Smarter Charter: Finding What Works for Charter Schools and Public Education, which profiles 15 different charter schools and networks.

TOM TOCH, senior partner for public policy engagement, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and former senior education correspondent at U.S. News and World Report (moderator).