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Join The Century Foundation on September 19 to hear a panel of experts discuss the effects of Syria’s collapse and what actions are on the table for the United States.

Syria’s civil war has exacted a far more destructive toll than even some of the most pessimistic observers predicted when it first broke out five years ago. The strategic fallout has stretched from the failing state of Syria itself, through the Middle East, as far as the United States, which grapples with Russia’s role in the conflict, the question of intervention, and Syrian refugees.

Three observers who have closely followed the twists and turns of the ballooning Syria crisis up close on the ground in Syria and its impact on the United States explore the growing costs of Syria’s collapse and explore what options remain for the United States and its allies to contain the damage.

Panelists will include:

  • Deborah Amos: NPR, international correspondent covering the Middle East for more than three decades
  • Thanassis Cambanis: The Century Foundation fellow, covering Arab politics and U.S. foreign policy from a base in Beirut
  • Michael Wahid Hanna: The Century Foundation, senior fellow, covering the Arab region, South Asia, and U.S. foreign policy (moderator)
  • Sam Heller: The Century Foundation, fellow, covering Syria and the Middle East from a base in Beirut


*A light breakfast will be served at this event.