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Advances in technology, such as automation, 3-D printing, and artificial intelligence, are changing the skill requirements for living-wage careers in manufacturing. The good news is that blue-collar jobs in manufacturing can still be in reach for diverse communities without requiring a college degree, but it will mean providing the right education, training, and community support

Join us on Tuesday, December 15, 11:00 AM–12:30 PM ET for the third installment of our Industry and Inclusion webinar series. Experts and practitioners will come together to explore trends and best practices for ensuring opportunities for all workers, especially historically marginalized workers like Black workers and women. 


  • Dr. Keenan Grenell (I&I advisory board), executive director of the Manufacturing Diversity Institute (MDI), president & CEO of the Grenell Group, LLC
  • Montez King (I&I advisory board), executive director of NIMS
  • Jacqui Mieksztyn, talent strategist, LIFT (Manufacturing USA; I&I cohort member)
  • Lizabeth Stuck, head of engagement & workforce development, MxD (Manufacturing USA; I&I cohort member)
  • Moderator: Dr. Ron Williams, assistant professor, Coppin State University

About Industry and Inclusion

Together, The Century Foundation and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance have assembled a cohort of eight leading urban workforce development organizations forging diversity, equity, and inclusion in manufacturing—an effort we’re calling Industry and Inclusion. The cohort includes groups from Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, and Cleveland, with half serving youth and half serving adults. All the organizations have deep partnerships with industry, and all have a commitment to equity and inclusion. Our cohort members are seizing on seismic changes in technology and manufacturing, and advancing an inclusive future for the production economy.