Matthew Vadum doesn’t really like liberals. But he does like Margaret Thatcher. And he’s annoyed by all the liberals who are currently enjoying a round of Thatcher-bashing. So what to do when a liberal (gasp!) defends Thatcher?

You get something like this:

Harold Pollack of the New York-based Century Foundation is lauding the late British prime minister for her trailblazing response to the arrival of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s

. . . followed almost immediately by:

Of course much of the rest of Pollack’s post is ahistorical drivel in which the writer regurgitates one of the Left’s most successful lies in recent decades, to wit, that the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations did nothing to combat HIV/AIDS.

I actually followed the link. (The things I do for you.) You’ll be surprised to discover that it doesn’t at all address the criticism that Pollack offers, to wit, that Reagan rejected needle-exchange programs that would have slowed the spread of HIV; and that what would have been Reagan’s first public comments on AIDS were redacted by a young John Roberts.

My favorite part of the piece, though, is the obligatory swipe at one of our trustees, Melissa Harris-Perry, for her suggestion that raising children should be everyone’s responsibility. The point there, I gather, is to establish that we really are liberals here at Century, while simultaneously fanning the flames of the latest conservative outrage. It is, however, totally irrelevant to the issue under discussion: namely, whatever her other faults, Thatcher was far better on HIV/AIDS than were her contemporaries in the American conservative movement.

Besides, it’s not like we make a secret that we’re liberals.