If you’re not familiar with Robert Reich, you should be.

A Berkeley professor and former U.S. secretary of labor under President Clinton, Reich is an expert on the effects of America’s growing inequality and a preeminent voice advocating for middle-out economics. TIME magazine named him one of the twentieth century’s most effective cabinet members.

With President Obama slated to announce his pick for the next Fed chair soon, Reich’s name has been floated as a progressive alternative to the two anticipated frontrunners for the position, Janet Yellen and Larry Summers (see Sanjay Sanghoee’s excellent Huffington Post piece and John Nichols’ piece in The Nation for why Reich would make a fantastic Fed chair).

We were lucky enough to screen the documentary Inequality for All here at TCF as part of our summer intern policy forum. Based on Reich’s most recent book, Beyond Outrage, the film profiles the political economist and highlights the ever-increasing gap between the wealthiest 1 percent of America and the rest of us, and has appeared at prominent film festivals across the country.

Inequality for All will be released in the fall, but its trailer was just made available today—take a look:

From labor to fiscal policy to education, the film ties a broad array of issues together to provide a full picture of how the country’s inequality has become so pronounced, and why it is eroding our democracy. Inequality for All presents an informative mix of data visualization, oral history, politics, economics, and personal anecdotes. Definitely a good watch.

Reich and the filmmakers plan to launch a movement using the documentary as a focal point to address the issues surround income inequality in America. To get involved, like the Inequality for All Facebook page or sign up for the film’s e-newsletter.