In a new article at Al Jazeera America, I write about labor rights activists and how they are asking foodies to consider not only where their food comes from but who might have been mistreated while preparing it. 


“Recently, a new twist has arisen on the growing trend of food consciousness. Labor rights advocates are asking eaters who care about the origins of the ingredients in their dishes to consider one additional question: How were the workers treated who harvested, packaged and prepared this food?

The Food Chain Workers Alliance (FCWA) is fighting to popularize that question. Founded in 2009, FCWA has drawn together a coalition of 22 food workers' advocacy groups, including unions representing food service, processing and retail workers, along with faith-based community groups and projects that bring together immigrant farmworkers. Their goal is to convince consumers to demand that the employees who pick, process, ship, prepare and serve their food be paid livable wages and enjoy decent working conditions.”

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