Historic files were recently recovered from The Century Foundation’s basement, and it was quite the treasure trove.

This cache of documents walks down memory lane with Edward A. Filene, founder of The Century Foundation, from 1919 through the end of the twentieth century (when TCF was known as the Twentieth Century Fund). Filene and TCF have shaped public policy for nearly a century — and now, TCF presents its history to join New York’s own unique past within the nation’s story.

Starting on November 13, 2013, the public will have access to the rich history of TCF at The New York Public Library.

Leading up to this release, TCF will be sharing some of our historical photos, illustrations and more via our social networks.

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“The Century Foundation archives will provide a great resource for the study of many of the last century’s most pressing social and economic issues in the United States, as well as the progressive response to those issues.” — William Stingone, Charles J. Liebman Curator of NYPL’s Manuscripts and Archives Division.