For 100 years, we’ve delivered original, evidence-based policy leadership that has pushed the progressive movement and our country forward.

The Century Foundation is one of the oldest think tanks in the country. We don’t just do research for research’s sake: we do it to make a difference in people’s lives.

At TCF, we know change doesn’t come easy or happen overnight. It requires persistence, rigor, and ingenuity. And that’s been our approach for a century: we sweat the details, doing the hard work today for policy progress tomorrow.

Our work has contributed to policies that make the economy stronger, elections fairer, communities healthier, and schools and society more equitable. Today, that legacy continues in our fight for higher wages and stronger worker protections, universal health care and debt-free college, and equal rights for all people, to name just a few examples.

Although the particular issues we work on change as the nation’s politics evolve, what does not change—what has never changed—is our commitment to solving problems and making a lasting impact, no matter what or how long it takes.

In the century ahead, The Century Foundation will continue to do what we do best. We’ll quietly focus on the details that matter, as others fight to be the loudest in the room. And we’ll pursue outside-the-box solutions, despite what powerful defenders of the status quo may say.

In short, we’ll keep doing everything we can today so that America can make progress tomorrow, and for at least 100 years after that.

Letter from the President

TCF President Mark Zuckerman reflects on 100 years of policy progress and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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The Century Foundation is celebrating 100 years of policy progress with the launch of Next100, a pop-up think tank for the next generation of policy leaders.

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