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The FTA: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Policy associate Jacob Anbinder celebrates the birthday of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) by highlighting room for improvement. 

Tags: washington metro, transit, subways, public transportation, public bus, marta, infrastructure, fta, federal transit administration, bart

The Port Authority’s money machine

This week, the Poughkeepsie Journal circulated a story about increased scrutiny on the Port Authority following the Gov. Chris Christie scandal. TCF senior fellow Richard Leone is quoted about existing system abuses by the Authority.


“These guys have been drunk on their own power (and) short-term thinking that has been crippling,” said Richard C. Leone, a former Port Authority chairman who left in 1994. The board simply let the governors of both states walk all over them, he said.

Read the full article here.

Tags: transportation, richard leone, port authority, george washington bridge, chris christie, bridgegate, andrew cuomo

The North Coast’s Hub Problem

Blogger Jacob Anbinder discusses what happens when a city like Cleveland loses an airline hub due to mergers or airline closings. The answer: it's a mixed bag. What isn't mixed, though, is the airline industry's trend toward oligopoly. 

Tags: us airways, united airlines, pittsburgh, eds and meds, delta, cleveland ohio, cleveland hopkins international airport, cleveland airports, cleveland, airline merger

A False Start for the Transit Bowl

NFL fans and casual viewers alike can be forgiven for tuning out Super Bowl XLVIII last night, in which the Seahawks led for all but the opening 12 seconds.

But just outside the stadium, a different drama began to unfold shortly after the game, writes Jacob Anbinder.

Tags: super bowl xlviii, super bowl 2014, super bowl, public transit, nfl, new jersey transit, metlife stadium, meadowlands, mass transit super bowl, mass transit

Port Authority Woes

Former TCF president and current senior fellow Richard C. Leone writes about Chris Christie's ongoing scandal after the jamming of the George Washington Bridge at the Huffington Post.

Tags: richard leone, port authority, new york, new jersey, governor christie, george washington bridge, chris christie, bridgegate, bridge scandal, austin tobin

A Streetcar Named Disaster

Atlanta is a notoriously car-dependent city. But less than a year from now, downtown drivers in Georgia’s capital will have a new rival for the road: the Atlanta Streetcar. Blogger Jacob Anbinder writes about the inherent issues with cities spending more on less efficient streetcars than mass transit. 

Tags: washington d.c., transit, seattle, public transportation, portland, npr, mass transit, marta, light rail, infrastructure


Workers & Economic Inequality

Workers & Economic Inequality

In recent decades, and especially since 2000, the richest Americans have enjoyed soaring income and wealth while the rest of the population's living standards have stagnated. The Century Foundation was one of the first institutions to raise serious concerns about these trends and propose ideas for improving economic conditions for all Americans- not just the fortunate few.

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